While church-sponsored missions trips are on hold until we feel the Covid-19 situation is safe enough to resume, we are supporting individuals who go on short-term missions. Please contact a pastor if you would like to discuss that more. 

Here are some past CBC missions trips: 

Baja, Mexico 

Baja Missions is a trip our church holds twice a year (every April & October). Our aim is to share God's love in a tangible way, by helping to build homes for families in need.

 Japan Adult/Family Short Term Missions  

Families and adults have gone to Japan to assist missionaries and churches wherever there is a need, even if that need is line-dancing.

 Japan Youth Short Term Mission Trips 

Youth group senior highers have gone to Japan to lead VBS programs and assist Japanese churches in their ongoing ministry and needs.  

 Swaziland, Africa 

Teams have gone to Swaziland to build, teach, provide medical care, help in food programs, orphanages, and assist Swazi pastors and ministries.