Worship Service - January 24th

Thank you for joining us! Our Virtual Worship Service begins at 10 AM. Click Here to join!

Also, please join us immediately after the service for a time of discussion via Zoom.

Below is the Zoom info:

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Meeting ID: 872 5873 2830


After you view the service, here are a few questions to think about and discuss with your family or small group:

  1. If you have ever moved from one country, state, or neighborhood to another, what are some changes you noticed in your new location?
  1. How does the idea that “I don’t live there anymore. That’s not who I am. Sin is not my master” change your view of sin?  How do you think it could help you recognize sin or resist temptation?
  1. What do you think it means to be dead to sin and alive in Christ? Give examples of what that would look like in everyday life.
  1. Where do you want more confidence and power to resist temptation and sin? What do you need from God or others to help you?