Worship Service - January 17th

Thank you for joining us! Our Virtual Worship Service begins at 10 AM. Click Here to join!

Also, please join us immediately after the service for a time of discussion via Zoom!

Below is the Zoom info:

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Meeting ID: 872 5873 2830


After you view the service, here are a few questions to think about and discuss with your family or small group:

1. How is sin like the villain of the gospel story?  How do you see this villain bring death and destruction to the world in general, and to your life in particular?

2. How does this contrast with living under the reign of grace?  Describe what it might look like for you to live under the reign of grace.  

3. Discuss the quote: “Grace always gives, whereas sin always takes away” (D.M. Lloyd-Jones).  Even though grace might look less fun and more confining, how does it bring freedom and life?  How have you experienced this? 

4. When you think of the reign of sin and the reign of grace in the life of a disciple, what do you need to pay attention to?  What needs rebuilding or surrender in your life?