Top 10 Reasons to go to Women's Retreat

We hope all you CBC women are thinking about going to the Women's Retreat!  There are many reasons we want to see you there, but here are some things for you to consider:


10. Get away to exotic Irvine!
9.  Engaging activities: crafts, ebay, hiking, line dancing!
8.  You can have your own room (for introverts!)
7.  You can room with your bffs (for everyone else!)
6.  Affordable! Scholarshps available!
5.  Vivian! (Check out Vivian's website.)
4.  Who doesn’t have fears to tackle?
3.  Grow in understanding and trusting God for those fears!
2.  Community = belonging, friendships, experiencing grace!
1.  Awesome and amazing women ... because of Jesus!  

Registration ends on October 31st - that's 2 more Sundays!  We hope you'll join us!