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Team CBC/World Vision

Team CBC is up and running (or walking) in support of Team World Vision to raise money for water for Africa by participating in the Long Beach Half Marathon.   

Watch the video we saw at church yesterday (May 29th).  

Ellen Shimada will be leading our team, and she is especially great at helping, supporting, encouraging, and cheering you on if you join the team.  Ellen says:  

There are two reasons that I want to lead a team from CBC. The first reason is that by helping to raise money for clean water, CBC has an opportunity to change the life of a child in Africa forever. It only takes $50 to provide a child clean water for their entire life.

The second reason I want to lead a team from CBC is because it will change the lives of those who participate. Thirteen years ago I walked my first half marathon - and it was, in fact, the Long Beach Half Marathon.

I have never been an athletic person, but when my small group decided to sign up for the race I signed up too. My goal when I signed up was to just finish the race. It took 3 months of training and 3:30 of walking on race day, but I crossed the finish line with the rest of my small group.

Finishing that first half marathon impacted me so much, that ever since that race, I have participated in at least one half marathon every year. So for those of you who are thinking that you are not athletic and cannot finish a half marathon, I am proof that someone who is not athletic can finish a half marathon - not just once, but more than once.

Join Ellen, Kevin, Gerry, Carolyn, Craig, Kerry, Wendy, Donna, Ernie, Valerie, and others who are signing up to join Team CBC.  Email Ellen for more information and encouragement to do it!