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Simplify - with 7 Foods

This week, we begin our sermon series, “Simplify”. How can we simplify our lives in order to experience a more fruitful and rewarding life?   What might God want to say to you? What might God want to do?

Listen to today's message first.  Then think about the first challenge:  eat only 7 FOODS for 7 days. Here’s what the pastoral staff had on their list of 7 foods, and some observations and suggestions.

NICK: beef, spinach, brown rice, apples, sweet potatoes, eggs, almonds

ERIK: chicken, broccoli, wheat bread, apples, peanut butter, strawberry jelly, whey protein    

Tip: PB & J sandwiches are easy, since I don’t really cook much.   Initially, the biggest struggle was the inconvenience: shopping, cooking, too expensive to eat out all the time.

DONNA: chicken, broccoli, oatmeal, strawberries, sweet potatoes yogurt, coffee   

Tip: Brine the chicken before you cook it to taste better. And make sweet potato fries!   I realized that when I feel bad about something, I want to eat something good to feel better.  This week I’m so aware of God’s presence and turning to Him, instead of feeding my emotions.

BRANDON: chicken, broccoli, whole grain bread, apples, red potatoes, eggs, coffee

Tip: I made baked potato chips - that made me so happy!  The awareness throughout the day is pretty amazing. At almost all times, I'm thinking about food, but also about God and wondering what he wants me to learn from this.

If you have an "aha" moment or a story to share, please email one of us and tell us about what God is doing through your 7 foods!